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Skin Salvation 

From Paula Moverly - Head groom of Wembley Farms Inc. for Grand Prix rider Nick Dello Joio  (Wellington, Florida)

Literally a lifesaver! One of our Grand Prix horses has always suffered from cracked heels and I have tried and tested products extensively. Some would work post riding but not be so effective pre and during, requiring the need to keep the area covered, potentially making other areas vulnerable to rubs. I received a sample and the first time I tried it I was hooked! It covers well so you don't need to use a lot, actually less is more. You can cover over it if deemed necessary. It protects the skin but also heals and soothes. I use it on all rubs, scratches and surface wounds. I love it! 

Paula Moverly skin salve testimonail picture before treatment
Paula Moverly skin salve testimonial horse hose picture
Paula Moverly skin salve testimonial horse hose picture

From Juri Ito - Shangi-La Stables (Orange, Pennsylvania)

I recently acquired a lesson horse and had been told by her owner that she had some scratches and rain rot. I never expected her condition to be this bad!


I started using Skin Salvation cream and spray upon her arrival. She had a healthy coat back in 30 days!

(Day 1 and Day 30 photos)

Juri Ito before and after pictures for skin salvation testimonial picture

From Beth Fischer - New Jersey

My mare developed scratches on her right hind fetlock and pastern in the Spring of 2015. She was treated with antibiotics, various creams, salves and fungal creams with no relief. Then I saw your product.

After a week the scabs were gone and the swelling came down. I have been applying it every other day and it looks great - the best it has been in two years. Thank you!!


P.S. Palace Smarty thank you too!

From Amy Rippel - Whirlwind Farm (Franklin, Tennessee)


Elemental Equine Skin Salvation has quickly become the first choice for any skin problems that arise at my farm. It has treated everything from a small spur rub to a severe sunburn. Skin Salvation is the first product that I feel I can use on any and all skin problems, and feel confident that it will begin working immediately. 


I recently had a horse move here (TN) from northern Illinois that had a rough time adjusting to such a wet and humid summer. She developed scratches right away, and nothing seemed to fix the problem. Most products would clear it up, but then it would come back with a vengeance. Skin Salvation healed her legs quickly and was so easy to use. It's not greasy or messy, and doesn't attract dust, shavings and dirt.


One of my retired horses that lives outside came in one day with what appeared to be a giant scab on both sides on her withers. The skin was rock hard and trying to peel off. It was diagnosed as a severe sunburn. After three days of slathering Skin Salvation on the wound, the dead skin began to slough off. I continued using the skin salvation on the sensitive, raw skin underneath, and saw daily improvement. She was completely healed within 3 weeks. 


I would recommend this product for any and all skin ailments you encounter in daily life with horses.

From Andy Wood - Crest Hill, Illinois


The stuff is magic! I have been fighting scratches on my oldest Shire mare for years and for the first time in years her hind legs haven't looked so good....I will be reordering soon...

From Sherry Hyland Phillips - Narnia Farms (Kingston, Tennessee)

Finally one that works! LOVE this product! I originally bought this to heal scratches and a crack on back of fetlock. It heals AND prevents. Love it, use it on everything! Definitely a "must have".

Sole Salvation

From Nick Haness - Hunterbrook Farms (Temecula, California)

Four months ago I started to use Elemental Equine's Sole Salvation on several of my horses who had sore and tender feet. In that time, I have seen a marked improvement not only in the quality of their hooves, but also in their quality of performance. Sole Salvation, in a relatively short amount of time, has drawn out any and all soreness and tenderness from my horses hooves and helped them to move more comfortably and freely - not only in the show ring but also in and around the barn. I would absolutely recommend it for any horse showing signs of having sore feet!

From Kyle King - San Marcos, California

I had a horse with a bleeding quarter crack. I was convinced that he was out for the season. We started using Elemental Equine Sole Salvation and within one week I was flatting him and jumping in three weeks time.


I use Sole Salvation right away at the first sign of soreness in the hoof. 

Sole Salvation saved the season for this horse! 

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Kyle King testimonial horse hoof picture for sole salvation

From Alicia Saxton - Oceancrest Farms (Rancho Santa Fe, California)

Sole Salvation has been a saving grace in my barn! I use it anytime any of our horses show signs of stinging soles or tender hooves. I can actually see a staggering improvement on a daily basis when I use Sole Salvation.


You can end your search for hoof pain relief here!


I love it and you will too!

From Paula Moverly - Head groom of Wembley Farms Inc. for Grand Prix rider Nick Dello Joio (Wellington, Florida)

This is a great hoof paint. Very user friendly and can be used daily. Typically I paint the soles a few times per week in between packing feet. Each day I paint from the shoe to just above the nail holes. Our farrier has been very complementary about the overall health and quality of the hoof since I've been using this product. The ingredients help to take the sting out of the feet after strenuous work or a lot of jumping. This a super product to be implemented into any daily hoof care regimen. 

Hoof Armour

From Adrienne Hillas - Bell Canyon, California 

"I have seen a fantastic difference in Fishy's feet! They look much healthier and the farrier even mentioned how much better they looked! So happy we won this giveaway, so far it's been a great experience using Hoof Armour!"

From Dr. Katherine Paul, DVM - Atlanta, Georgia 

"I use it just before hosing my horse's feet and it is amazing at keeping the moisture out. The water beads up and falls off. I love it!"


From Paula Moverly - Head groom of Wembley Farms Inc. for Grand Prix rider Nick Dello Joio (Wellington, Florida)

I've been using all of the Elemental Equine products for a little over a year now and Tendonel was the first in the range that I tried on our FEI level horses. It is easy to apply and leaves no residue on the skin. The scent is also very pleasant. Most of the horse I care for are incredibly sensitive and I was yet to find a product that worked effectively but didn't irritate their skin. Tendonel ticks all of the boxes and is my go to on a daily basis for all of our horses needs. I use it with or without wraps and also apply to any sore areas on their body. Definitely a favorite of mine!

Tendonel Freeze

From Jacque Karlsen - Barn manager, Clover Springs Farm (Charleston, South Carolina) 

"I used the Tendonel Freeze right after Hurricane Matthew hit our area; we had all of our horses stalled for several days to weather the storm, including several older horses, and it worked wonders! It took down swelling and relieved stiffness from our older horse’s knees overnight. I would definitely recommend this product to alleviate any pain and inflammation in tendons and joints."

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