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A cream based rub made with Comfrey Oil to help soothe and relax tired muscles while providing pain relief and reduced stiffness. The Comfrey herb has been used for centuries in creams and oils to relieve pain and inflammation caused by muscle traumas, alleviating symptoms of osteoarthritis as well as reducing pain caused by bone fractures. 16oz plastic bottle. 

Directions for use: Apply liberally to desired area, rubbing against hair to penetrate to skin. Safe to wrap. For external use only. Do not use on eyes, nose or mouth.

Show Safe Ingredients: Comfrey Oil, Rosemary, Lavender, Lanolin Oil, Water, Carbomer, Vitamins A, D &E. **Comfrey and lavender may be used topically under the Therapeutic Substance Provision of the USEF Equine Drugs and Medications Rule. You do not need to file a Medication Report Form.**


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